Do you want to...

  • Meet new friends with international interests?
  • Engage in enriching programs, exhibits and exchanges?
  • Enhance the visibility of Tucson?
  • Encourage tourism and economic development?
  • Work to achieve intercultural awareness and communication?
  • Participate in educational, business musical, artistic, scientific and youth exchanges?

For further information contact our Membership Committee Chair at:
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Tucson-Mexico Sister Cities Membership Benefits

Join the Tucson-Mexico Sister Cities and become part of a binational network!

Tucson-Mexico Sister Cities promotes and expands cultural, educational, social and economic development for our community and our Mexican Sister Cities, while advocating global friendship and understanding. Your membership support helps foster understanding, acceptance, and celebration of our differences and commonalities and honors the ethnic groups in the greater Tucson area. Your support helps enrich our community through citizen-to-citizen diplomacy.

As a member of the Tucson-Mexico Sister Cities, you can attend exciting, information-rich cultural programs and participate in economic and educational, events and exchanges. Whether you are an individual who wants to make a difference in the world or a business leader working in the international arena, Tucson-Mexico Sister Cities membership can bring you international opportunities.

Membership benefits:

  • Invitations to Tucson-Mexico Sister Cities Events
  • Opportunities to meet with diverse Board Members
  • Membership to Sister Cities City Committees
  • Opportunities to interact with visiting Mexican delegations and dignitaries



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If you are interested in joining our network that strives to bring communities together through citizen diplomacy, please fill out the TMSC membership application form.