Marilyn Civer

Marilyn Civer is a native Arizonan who was born and raised in Douglas. She graduated from ASU and did graduate work in Public Health at the U of A. Marilyn attended the UofA in the early 60's and was a Latin American Studies major. She and her family traveled in Mexico often when she was a child and hence her continuing love and respect for that country. As a Program Manager for Intergroup of Arizona, a large locally owned HMO, Marilyn designed comprehensive work site wellness programs and delivered them to their 200 member companies. She served on the Public Health Committee of the Arizona Mexico Commission and planned the first International Conference on Substance Abuse Prevention between the United States and Mexico. Marilyn became a Realtor when Intergroup was sold and worked for Long Realty where she was a Sales Manager and trainer. She recently retired from Tierra Antigua Realty and is busy with a variety of community activities. Marilyn has 3 grown children, 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. "Growing up in a border culture was a great gift and has enabled me to walk differently in the world."

Marilyn Civer is a native Arizonan and was raised on the Mexican border.  She is a graduate of A.S.U. and did graduate work in Public Health at the U of A.  Marilyn was a Health Educator for many years for a locally owned HMO and managed all Work Site Wellness Programs.  Currently she is a licensed Realtor with Tierra Antigua Realty and has been for 17 years.  " I know the relationship with Mexico is critical for the United States and particularly for Tucson and Arizona where our long time friendship  and joint  economies are critical to our regions economic success."  Marilyn recently spent several months in Mazatlán and is a laison to that city.